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Loungefly My Little Pony Starshine Rainbow Mini Backpack

Regular price $75.00

Remember the joy of playing with adorable ponies as a child? Let Starshine bring some magic into your day with this Loungefly My Little Pony Starshine Rainbow Mini Backpack. Starshine prances along on the front pouch under a matching pastel rainbow, stars, and clouds. Note her rainbow mane and tail, signature yellow star, and pegasus wings. On the back is another rainbow printed with “My Little Pony.” Peek inside and you’ll discover that the interior is lined with fabric prints of Starshine, too!

Color: blue, white, pink

Dimensions: 10.5" X 9" X 4.5”

Material: faux leather, polyurethane, enamel

Brand: Loungefly

Style: backpack

Features: 30-inch adjustable straps, small front pocket with zipper