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Loungefly Disney Jasmine Castle Mini Backpack

Regular price $75.00

Ever wish you could see a whole new world? With this Loungefly Disney Jasmine Castle Mini Backpack, Agrabah is only a carpet ride away. On the front, you’ll see the Agrabah castle in the distance against a dark purple sky, with a shiny gold lamp in front releasing Genie. If you look closely you’ll spot Aladdin and Jasmine soaring over the city! On the back is a sweet pairing of Jasmine and her beloved pet tiger Rajah cuddling in front of a fountain. Inside, you’ll find coordinating fabric lining of purple sky and clouds. Get ready to rub that lamp and add a little magic to your day!

Color: purple, gold, blue

Dimensions: 9" X 10.5" X 4.5"

Material: faux leather, polyurethane, enamel

Brand: Loungefly

Style: backpack

Features: 30-inch adjustable straps, front zippered pouch