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Loungefly Disney Eeyore Mini Backpack

Regular price $75.00

Of all our Hundred Acre friends, Eeyore may be our favorite. He may act a little down, but he always finds a way to capture our hearts with his soulful eyes! On this Loungefly Disney Eeyore Mini Backpack, Eeyore looks over his shoulder bashfully at you with his tail hanging from the front zippered pouch. His long ear and tail really swing! On the back, Eeyore gazes at clouds, with “Thanks for noticin’ me.” The inside is lined with light blue fabric printed with Eeyore in different poses.

Color: blue, pink, black

Dimensions: 9" X 10.5" 4.5"

Material: faux leather, polyurethane, enamel

Brand: Loungefly

Style: backpack

Features: 30-inch adjustable straps, small front pocket with zipper