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Pre-Order Status Page (Updated 10/15)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on our Pre-Orders. If your item is not listed on this page, we don't have any information aside from the generic month on the item page.

Currently there is a worldwide supply chain/manufacturing/shipping/container issue that affects a ton of businesses, including Loungefly. This is why you see items arriving later than they were originally expected. All we can do is 1. Have Loungefly ship to us immediately once available 2. Start shipping items out immediately once we receive them 3. Update everyone as we find out information on here. Those are the only things we control so we do the best we can.

All Minnie Glow In the Dark Mini invoices have been sent out. Any paid by this weekend will be shipped out by the middle of next week at the latest. We will be done invoicing the items in "Invoices Being Emailed" by Monday.

We keep getting questions (and way too many cancellations) regarding the Cinderella Castle bag. We have been told by Loungefly that our shipment should arrive to them any day. Once we are told they are shipping it to us, it will be posted here. As with the issues posted above, sometimes the shipments are uneven in how they arrive and we might receive items before other sellers and sometimes they will receive items before we do (and occasionally these days we receive partial shipments). We are aware a few places have received theirs but the luck of the draw and our shipment is arriving a little later. As stated above, all we can do is do the best with the things we control.

Good Dinosaur, Minnie Sunflower, Beauty and the Beast My Love are expected in October/November. Maleficent Dragon, Minnie Polka Dot, Jack Jack and Peter Pan AOP are expect in November/December. If you were added to the Mal Dragon or Sunflower bags from the waitlist, the bag will not show up in your account since we added you manually. All of these are subject to change.

Currently Shipping

Minnie Ghost Glow in the Dark Mini


Invoices Being Emailed

Simply Meant to Be Crossbody

Princess Circle Mini

Expected Soon

Villains Books Mini

Childs Play Chucky Mini

Peanuts Gift Giving Snoopy & Woodstock Mini

Pusheen Hello Kitty Balloons and Rainbow Mini

Disney Gingerbread Mini and Headband Set

Disney Snowman Snow Globe Crossbody




All Shipments Completed for Paid Invoices

Ariel Castle Mini

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Mini

Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Wallet

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Line Mini

Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Line Wallet

Captain America 80th Anniversary Mini

Captain America 80th Anniversary Crossbody

Nightmare Before Christmas Simply Meant to Be Mini

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters Wallet

Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Wallet

Princess Circles Wallet

Jason Mask Wallet

Sepia Pikachu Wallet