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Pre-Order Status Page (Updated 1/21)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on our Pre-Orders. If your item is not listed on this page, we don't have any information aside from the generic month on the item page.

We will be done shipping out everything in "Currently Shipping" by early next week. We will start invoicing for the items in "Expected Soon" early next week. If your order includes the Tuk Tuk bag, we expect that to arrive a few days later than the other items so orders that include that bag will go out slightly later.

IMPORTANT: Currently there is a worldwide supply chain/manufacturing/shipping/container/port issue that is affecting almost all businesses, including Loungefly (and thus, ours). This is why you see items arriving later than they were originally expected. Until the shipment arrives to the Loungefly warehouse, it would be a complete guess on our part to provide specific time periods when items are arriving so we will not do so and get peoples hopes up on something we really don't have an answer on. Once Loungefly has received the items, we will post here as we always do and then get them shipped out as quickly as possible once we receive them. That's the best, most honest, most ethical thing for us to do. Just another reminder that unfortunately, lots of small businesses are having to navigate everything during a pandemic with many things out of their control. All of the things that are really frustrating for you individually regarding arrival times, they are also having to deal with but many times over, with huge negative consequences for their business.

Cheshire AOP, Lady and the Tramp, Chip n Dale, Vanellope and Ahsoka Tano we expect in February. Oompa Loompa, Princess Stained Glass we expect in February/March. Jar Jar, The Office,  we expect in March. Mal Dragon 2nd shipment we expect in February.  Minnie Sunflower 2nd shipment we expect in April/May. All of these are subject to change.

Currently Shipping

Rugrats 30th Anniversary Mini

Rugrats Wallet

Belle Castle Mini

Belle Castle Crossbody

Belle Castle Wallet

Belle Castle Cardholder

Pocahontas Just Around the River Mini

Pocahontas Just Around the River Wallet

Minnie Oh My Sweets Mini

Minnie Sweets Wallet

Candyland Mini

Candyland Wallet

Lady and the Tramp Wet Cement Wallet

Pokemon Ombre Wallet

Bedknobs and Broomsticks Wallet

Beatles Abbey Road Mini

Beatles Abbey Road Wallet

Villains Scene Stepmother and Stepsisters Mini

Chip n Dale Snackies Mini

Chip n Dale Snackies Wallet

Chip n Dale Snackies Crossbody

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50th Anniversary Wallet

101 Dalmatians 70th Anniversary Ears

Coraline Wallet


Invoices Being Emailed


Expected Soon

Exclusive Peter Pan All Over Print Mini

Pop Villains Tattoo Mini

Pop Villains Tattoo Crossbody

Pop Villains Tattoo Wallet

Robinhood Sherwood Mini

Robinhood Sherwood Wallet

Bedknobs and Broomsticks Mini

Raya and the Last Dragon Tuk Tuk Mini


All Shipments Completed for Paid Invoices

Coraline Rain Coat Mini

Wreck It Ralph Fix It Felix Mini

Harry Potter Diagon Alley Crossbody

Pokemon Ombre Crossbody

Edward Scissorhands Mini

Edward Scissorhands Wallet

Villains Books Crossbody

Harry Potter Quibbler Crossbody

Snow White Castle Scene Crossbody

Seahawks Logo Mini

Seahawks Logo Wallet

Raiders Logo Mini

Raiders Logo Wallet

Lady and the Tramp Wet Cement Crossbody

Pocahontas Just Around the River Crossbody

Villains Scene Stepmother Wallet