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Pre-Order Status Page (Updated 10/27)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on our Pre-Orders. If your item is not listed on this page, we don't have any information aside from the generic month on the item page.

Please make sure you take a look at the Expected Soon area. Almost all of the remaining October pre-order is expected to arrive to us the week of 10/26. Because there are so many items, we will have to start sending out invoices slightly earlier than normal so we make sure we can start getting items shipped out as soon as they arrive. We will likely start sending out invoices 10/25 and we give 7 days to pay invoices so you will have at least until 11/1 to pay. Invoices will be going out all next week and we will update which items are currently being invoiced on this page.

Currently Shipping (All paid invoices have been shipped)


Invoices Being Emailed

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Spice Mini Backpack

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Spice Cup Crossbody

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Spice Latte Crossbody

Hello Kitty Pumpkin Spice Wallet

Disney Princess Floral Mini Backpack

Disney Princess Floral Crossbody

Disney Princess Floral Wallet

Tiana Mini Backpack (the one with her on it)

Princess and the Frog Accordion Wallet

Star Wars Action Figures Mini Backpack

Star Wars Action Figures Wallet


Expected Soon

Snorlax Mini Backpack

Snorlax Wallet

Star Wars Princess Leia Hoth Mini Backpack

Star Wars Princess Leia Hoth Wallet

Coco Diecut Party Flags Mini Backpack

Coco Diecut Party Flags Crossbody

Coco Guitar Case Crossbody

Coco Diecut Party Flags Wallet

Disney Dog Houses Mini Backpack

Disney Dog Houses Crossbody

Disney Dog Houses Wallet

Mickey Mouse Hardware Mini Backpack

Mickey Mouse Hardware Crossbody

Mickey Mouse Hardware Wallet

Disney Cats Mini Backpack

Disney Cats Wallet


All Shipments Completed for Paid Invoices

Beetlejuice Mini Backpack

Beetlejuice Wallet

NBC Simply Meant to Be Wallet

Lilo and Stitch Experiment 626 Mini Backpack

Lilo and Stitch 626 Wallet

Rescuers Down Under Mini Backpack

Rescuers Down Under Wallet

Mickey Minnie Halloween Vamp Mini Backpack

Mickey Minnie Halloween Vamp Crossbody

Mickey Minnie Halloween Vamp Wallet

Oogie Boogie Mini Backpack

Oogie Boogie Wallet

Star Wars Kylo Ren Mini Backpack

Star Wars Kylo Ren Wallet

Nightmare Before Christmas Chibi Headband

DC Comics Harley and Joker Mini Backpack

DC Comics Joker Eyes Wallet

DC Comics Ladies Night Mini Backpack

DC Comics Ladies of DC Wallet

DC Comics Fringe Capes Crossbody

DC Comics Trio Wallet

Minnie Mickey Bow Hardware Mini Backpack

Minnie Mouse Bow Bucket Bag

Minnie Mouse Bow Zip Around Wallet