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Pre-Order Status Page (Updated 7/22)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on our Pre-Orders. If your item is not listed on this page, we don't have any information aside from the generic month on the item page.

Received our shipment late today. Will start shipping tomorrow and will have everything paid up until now shipped by early next week. Also confirmed we have the Alice Mini with Detachable Wristlet and Alice Key Hole Crossbody on the way. All of those invoices will be sent out by Monday. And then after that we have a huge shipment coming (added to the "Expected Soon" area). We shipped out some orders for people that purchased Cinderella Castle bags for the 2nd shipment. Might have a few more we can ship next week. Still working through the waitlist on Tink (down to our last few bags).

Villains Chibi exclusive Mini we now aren't expecting until early/mid August. Any info we get will be posted here. Lantern Tea Party is expected Mid/Late August. Good Dinosaur is expected October.

Currently Shipping

Classic Clouds Mini

Classic Clouds Wallet

Minnie Holding Flowers Mini

Minnie Holding Flowers Wallet

Eeyore Mini

Charlie Brown Snoopy Sunset Mini


Invoices Being Emailed

Alice in Wonderland Mini with Detachable Wristlet (all invoices sent)

Alice in Wonderland Key Hole Crossbody

Alice in Wonderland Key Hole Cardholder

Expected Soon

Jasmine Castle Mini

Jasmine Castle Crossbody

Jasmine Castle Wallet

Minnie Rainbow Sequin Mini

Minnie Rainbow Sequin Wallet

Crystal Sidekicks Mini

Crystal Sidekicks Wallet

Minnie Embroidered Flowers Headband

Star Wars Lands Mustafar Square Backpack

Star Wars Lands Kashyyyk Square Backpack

Steamboat Willie Mini

Valfre Blue Dye Backpack

Valfre Pink Dye Cherry Backpack

Valfre Fire Crossbody

Valfre Black Fire Crossbody

Valfre Black Heart Shape Coinbag

Dodgers Mini



All Shipments Completed for Paid Invoices

Atlantis Kida Milo Mini

Atlantis Kida Milo Wallet

Spongebob Crabby Patty Mini

Spongebob Crab Gang Wallet

Lilo and Stitch Duckies Mini

Lilo and Stitch Duckies Crossbody

Lilo and Stitch Duckies Wallet

Mariel Floral Mini

Marie Floral Crossbody

Marie Floral Wallet

Ursula Crystal Ball Mini

Ursula Crystal Ball Wallet

Villains Scene Maleficent Wallet

Cinderella Castle Series Crossbody

Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Crossbody

Cinderella Castle Series Mini (1st Shipment)

Cinderella Castle Series Wallet

Alice Very Merry Unbirthday Mini

Alice Very Merry Unbirthday Wallet

Steamboat Willie Wallet