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Pre-Order Status Page (Updated 1/22)

We will keep this page updated with the latest information on our Pre-Orders. If your item is not listed on this page, we don't have any information aside from the generic month on the item page.

Eevee invoices will be going out this weekend into early next week.

People on the waitlist for the 151 Pokemon, we will start emailing you this weekend. We just need to be positive exactly how many we have left since we have more extended invoices than we usually do that are still outstanding.

Currently Shipping (Currently shipping invoices paid 1/21)

Minnie Polka Dot Mini/Fannie Combo

Minnie Polka Dot Wallet

Mickey and Minnie Heart Mini

Mickey and Minnie Love Wallet

Mickey and Minnie Love Headband

Minnie Polka Dot Crossbody

Minnie Quilted Bow Head Crossbody

Mickey Heart Hands Crossbody

Little Mermaid Gondola Scene Mini

Bambi Flower Mini

Robin Hood Rescues Maid Marian Mini

Robin Hood Rescues Maid Marian Wallet

Jafar Mini

Jafar Wallet

Beauty and the Beast Pin Trader Mini

Winnie the Pooh Pin Trader Mini

Marvel Sy Chibi Mini

Marvel Sy Chibi Cross

Marvel Sy Chibi Wallet

Little Mermaid Gondola Scene Wallet


Invoices Being Emailed

Pokemon Eevee Tattoo Mini


Expected Soon

Cinderella Pin Trade Backpack

Ghostbusters Venkman Backpack

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Mini

Ghostbusters Slimer Mini

Ghostbusters Slimer Cardholder

Winnie the Pooh Treehouse Exclusive Mini

The Child Grogu Exclusive Mini



All Shipments Completed for Paid Invoices

Pokemon 151 Mini